A web effectiveness questionnaire is the best possible way for finding out the actual effectiveness of the web and its true value for every person. A set of a few questions answered by web users can help to understand the original effectiveness of web and its utility.

Sample Web Effectiveness Questionnaire

Name of Web User: _________________________

Age: _______________

Contact Details: _________________

Mail I.D.:____________________

Contact Number: ________________

Please Mark the Correct Option:

Q1. Does the web help you in your work?

a. Yes always

b. No, never

c. At times

Q2. Do you get desired results while using the web?

a. absolutely, every time

b. not each time I do

c. chances are equal of getting and not getting

Q3. Are you happy by the way the web is presented to you?

a. yes I am satisfied with the style

b. I am not at all satisfied with the style

c. there are rooms for improvement

Q4. Do you feel bored while using the web?

a. occasionally I do feel such

b. till date it has never been such

c. I always yawn whenever I use the web

Q5. Does the web give you enough space for your implementation?

a. I have no complaints on that ground

b. I have lots of grudges on that ground

c. over all it is quiet an interesting experience.

Q6. Do you feel like using this website again and again?

a. of course, it is the most useful way

b. I have no other choice other than using it

c. once it is enough, I am no more interested.