A visitor satisfaction questionnaire gives a clear idea as to whether a visitor is satisfied with the services provided or not. This type of satisfaction questionnaire is very vital in a hospitality industry as the visitor feedback is what brings business. Nevertheless hospitality industry is ever changing and in order to keep pace with the changing needs of visitors, a questionnaire is very much essential. Given here is a hotel visitor satisfaction questionnaire for reference and use.

Sample Visitor Satisfaction Questionnaire

Name of the Visitor :                  _____________________________

Date of visit :                              _____________________________

Sex of the visitor :                       _____________________________

Age of the visitor :                      _____________________________

Marital Status :                            _____________________________

Address of the visitor :                _____________________________

Contact number :                         _____________________________

Email address :                            ____________________________

1)      Have you previously visited our hotel before or is this your first visit?

a)      First time visit

b)      Second time visit

c)      Numerous visits

d)     Not sure

2)      How did you come to know about our hotel?

a)      Friend

b)      Relative

c)      Advertisement, Pl specify which one __________

d)     Travel agent , Pl specify name of the travel agent here ____________

3)      Are you satisfied with the services offered by our hotel presently?

a)      Satisfied

b)      Somewhat satisfied

c)      Not at all satisfied

d)     Highly dissatisfied

4)      What is your purpose of visiting our hotel?

a) Vacation with family

b) Official trip

5)      Do you agree that the staff of the hotel is very courteous and received you well when you first came to our hotel?

a) Agree

b) Somewhat agree

c) Do not agree

d) Totally disagree