A vendor questionnaire template is the readymade document which lays down the format in which a vendor questionnaire should be designed. These types of templates are used to gather the information from the vendor on various issues.

Sample Vendor Questionnaire Template:

Name of the vendor firm: __________________

Vendor identification number: ______________

Contact number: _________________________

Date: ___/____/____ [essential information of the vendor firm]

Q1. Tell us something about your vendor firm?

_________________ [the vendor will reply to this question by giving an overview of the vendor firm]

Q2. How long are you working in the same field?

  • More than two years
  • More than five year
  • More than seven years
  • Others: ___________________ [the vendor will choose the appropriate option to indicate his expertise]

Q3. Choose the suitable category to describe you proficiency:

  • Engineering Equipments
  • Medical & surgical instruments
  • Heavy machinery tools
  • Others, please mention: ___________________ [the participant vendor has to answer to intimate his speciality]

Q4. Kindly rate your overall satisfaction with this profession?

  • Excellent
  • Very good
  • Somewhat satisfied
  • Dissatisfied [vendor will point out his focus and level of satisfaction]

Q5. Why are you longing to work with us?

______________________ [in this theoretical question, the vendor has to mention a logical point to commence this business relationship]

Q6.  Do you have the complete knowledge of standards and provisions of this profession?

  • Yes
  • No [vendor chooses either yes or no to answer confidentiality]

Q7. Do you think you can complete the expected targets?

  • Yes
  • No [here, the answer will finalize the vender- business relationship]

Q8. Would you like to tell us more about your vendor experience?

_______________________ [in case, the vendor wants to mention a bit more about the working and operational procedures]