Questions in vendor questionnaires should comprise of a set of well framed objective and subjective questions. These questions should be closely associated with the work performed by vendors and queries related with the work. These questions should be prepared by professionals so that accurate and correct information can be gathered.

Sample Vendor Questionnaire Questions:

Name of the participant   _____________________

Company’s Name ____________________________

Address of the participant ____________________

Age _____________     Gender _________________

Phone number ___________________

Email- id ___________________________

Q1.  For how long your company is in the field of selling goods?


Q2. Kindly give an overview of your company and its profile.


Q3. How many employees are there in your company?

  • 20 – 50
  • 50 – 100
  • 100 – 200
  • More than 200

Q4.  Briefly mention about the product and services in which your company holds the selling experience?


Q5. What are the major customer policies followed in your organization?


Q6.  Why do you want to get associated with our organization as vendors?


Q7. Briefly mention about the monthly sales target policies that your company strives to achieve?


Q8. Do you hold experience in selling IT hardware components?


Q9. Have you gone through our organization’s brochure and vendor terms and policies?


Q10. Do you agree to all the terms and policies mentioned in the vendor agreement?


Q11. Would you like to mention some more details about your company?


Q12. Why do you think that we should get associated with you for our vendor requirements?