A vendor questionnaire letter is a cover letter which is attached along with the vendor questionnaire that the vendor party has to fill up. The letter states the purpose of vendor being surveyed or being asked to fill up the questionnaire. The letter is usually sent by an organization conducting a survey on the vendor party.

Sample Vendor questionnaire letter 


Mr. Rick Martin,

Business Operations Head,

Cleaning and Moping Services,

Infinity Towers

12 Roger Moore Street

New York, New Jersey 5241

Dated: 10th of January 2012

Subject: Vendor questionnaire letter

Dear Mr. Martin,

This is to inform you that we would like to avail your services for our organization. But, before we can go ahead with a business relationship, we need to get few information about you.

In order to know you better we are sending you a questionnaire, which you need to, fill up and mail it to us. In order to do business with you it is very essential that we know about your services in details. We would like to know the year in which your business was established and since how long have you been providing the services. We would also like to know what other services you provide.

I would be highly grateful if you consider the above request and courier us the questionnaire after filling it up. Please find the questionnaire enclosed along with the letter.

Thanking you,

John Woo

General Manager

Young Corporation Limited

34 Red Cross Street,

New York, New Jersey 5267.