Vendor performance questionnaire encompasses the different performance parameters and metrics. This questionnaire may be filled by the vendor, the parent organization or even the customer. The vendor performance questionnaire provides details regarding the various areas of performance in the current year and helps them in identifying how they can improve it further.

Vendor Performance Questionnaire Sample

Name of Vendor___________________________________________

Address of the vendor: ______________________________________

City: ________________ State: ___________________  Zip: _________________

Telephone: ____________________  Fax: ____________________________

Website: ______________________________  Email: _______________________________

Q1. What is the commodity/service provided by the vendor?


Q2. How do you rate vendor performance in the current financial year?

a)   Excellent

b)   Good

c)   Average

d)   Poor

Q3. Which of the following issues hamper vendor performance?

a)   Failure to deliver on delivery date

b)   Failure to deliver within specified hours

c)   Delivery shipment is underweight

d)   Delivery shipment is damaged

e)   Delivery of different brand or product altogether

f)    Replacement request denied

g)   Delay in issuing purchase order

h)   Incorrect pricing for product/service

Q4. Which of the following steps have you identified for resolving vender issues?

a)   Training for vendor

b)   Setting weekly and monthly targets

c)   Monitoring weekly performance

d)   Monitoring delivery and quality

Q5. Which of the following performance indicators the vendor needs to work on?

a)   Delivery on time

b)   Delivery without damage to goods

c)   People behavior skills

d)   Communication skills

e)   Quality of service

Q6. Are there any vendor management strategies in place to monitor performance?

a)   Yes

b)   No

Q7. Have you received any customer complaints regarding vendor performance?

a)   Yes

b)   No

Q8. How do you plan to address customer complaints against vendor?