A vendor feedback questionnaire is a document that is drafted in order to give feedback on the service provided by the vendor. This questionnaire helps a vendor to understand the factors lacking in their service from the point of view of their client. The document is filled by the client of the vendor and used by the vendor.

Sample Vendor Feedback Questionnaire

Name of the client: ______________________

Address: Street address _____________ City ___________ State __________ Zip code _______

Residential contact number: ______________

Mobile phone number: ______________

E mail id: _______________

Q1. On which date did you avail the service from the vendor?


Q2. What service did you avail from the vendor?


Q3. Is this the first that you availed this service from the vendor?

a)   Yes, this is the first time

b)   No, I have availed service before

Q4. Are you satisfied with the service provided by the vendor?

a)   Very satisfied

b)   Satisfied

c)   Somewhat satisfied

d)   Dissatisfied

Q5. How would you rate the quality of the service?

a)   Excellent

b)   Very good

c)   Good

d)   Bad

e)   Terrible

Q6. Do you agree that you would avail the services from the vendor again in future?

a)   Strongly agree

b)   Agree

c)   Somewhat agree

d)   Agree

Q7. Would you recommend the services of the vendor to your friend and relatives?

a)   Yes, I will

b)   Maybe, I will recommend

c)   No, I won’t

Q8. What according to you are the strengths and weaknesses of the vendor service?


Q9. What changes would you like to suggest in the service?