A vendor evaluation questionnaire is very useful for companies that want to buy raw materials in bulk from various vendor manufacturing companies. The following questionnaire tests the production methodology, quality testing, payment options, models of various materials produced, and locations of the vendor from where materials could be ordered.

Sample Vendor evaluation questionnaire:

Name of the vendor:   ______________________________

Contact number: ______________________________

Email address:            ______________________________

Fax:                  ______________________________

Address:            ________________________________________________________

Name of the representative: _________________________

Email id of the representative: _______________________

Q1: Please provide the brief description about your company along with the industry it is in.


Q2. Please provide a list of your top clients who are conducting business with you


Q3. Give some of the locations of your company where we can purchase our supplies


Q4. Please fill the following details regarding your materials

Name:                               _______________________________________

Range of sizes:           _______________________________________

Models:                      _______________________________________

Certification standards: _______________________________________

Q5. What is the approximate capacity of the material produced per month?


Q6. What are the testing procedures employed by your company to test the quality and efficiency of your product?


Q7. Name the external auditors who evaluate the performance of the products and the company?


Q8. Please describe the process of production of the material in brief.



Q9. Is your manufacturing process ISO certified?

a)   Yes

b)   No

Q10. Specify other certifications if any __________________________________________

Q11. What is the approximate delivery period of shipping the finished goods to your clients?


Q12. Do you have any easy payment options available for your clients?

a)   Ye

b)   No

If ‘yes’, please specify _______________________________________________________