A vendor due diligence questionnaire is a sort of checklist filled up by a vendor for the contractor or the client.  The questionnaire is a process of getting vendor information for the purpose of financial reporting. The questionnaire contains details of the vendor like name, address, telephone number etc. The questions asked in the questionnaire are based on the operations of the vendor.

Sample Vendor Due Diligence Questionnaire

Name of the vendor party: __________________

Principal office address of the vendor party: Street address _____________ City ____________ State __________ Zip code ________________

Office telephone number: _________________

Fax number: _______________

E mail id: _____________

  • On what basis do you do the breakdown of sales and gross profits?

a)   Product type

b)   Channel type

c)   Geographical locations

  • What are the documents you have or will be able to submit that will give your annual and quarterly information for last three years?

a)   Balance sheets and cash flow statements

b)   Income statements

c)   Management financial reports

d)   Accounts receivable aging schedule

e)   Others (please specify): ___________

  • What are the various financial projections of your organization?

a)   All the quarterly financial projections of last five years

b)   Predictability of business

c)   Business prospects

d)   Company pricing policies

  • What are the factors that comprise the capital structure of your organization?

a)   Total shares outstanding

b)   Summary of all debt instruments

c)   All debt instruments and bank lines

  • What are the other financial information about your organization that you can provide?

a)   General accounting policies

b)   Schedule of financing history

c)   Others (please specify): ___________