Vendor Business continuity questionnaire provides the organization a source to identify the various external and internal threats to the growth of business. It allows the business and vendor to explore and understand those threats and carry on business successfully. This questionnaire acts as a preventive measure to lower the risk and plan strategies accordingly. The vendors use this type of questionnaires to know the risks that have to be overcome and secure the business.

Sample Vendor Business Continuity Questionnaire

Name of the Employee: ___________________________

Name of the Organization: _________________________

Name of the Business Process: ______________________

Department: ____________________

Designation: ____________________

Email: _________________________

Phone Number: __________________


Q1: In your organization have you activated a crisis management procedure and is this procedure documented?

a. Yes

b. No

c. Used but not documented

Q2: If the answer to the above question is “Yes” then, is this procedure capable of covering both external and internal infrastructures during a crisis condition?

a. Yes

b. No

c. Never been tested

Q3: Has your company conducted an analysis of the various risk factors that surround the business?

a. Yes

b. No

Q4: Which of the following parts of Business continuity planning life cycle has been implemented earlier in your organization?

a. Analysis

b. Solution Design

c. Application

d. Testing and Approval

e. Maintenance

Q5: Does your organization follow procedures of impact investigation for varied business situations? If your answer is “Yes” then please provide information on the same

a. Yes then, specify___________________________________

b. No

Q6: What are the key situations from the following ones that your organization handles most frequently? You can tick more than one option if necessary.

a. Service outage

b. Fake attack

c. Internal Damage

d. External Damage

e. Breakdown of a mission-critical coordination

f. If Other: ___________________________ (Please Specify)

Q7: what is the frequency of threats faced by your organization in the normal course of business transactions?

a. Daily

b. Weekly

c. Monthly

d. Occasionally