A user satisfaction questionnaire is a method of evaluating the satisfaction level of a user with respect to a particular product or services. This questionnaire helps the organization to understand what is lacking in the product or services and how it can be improved to keep the customers satisfied and increase the sale to bring in more profits. The questions in the questionnaire should be well framed to understand the parameter on which the product is lacking.

Sample User Satisfaction Questionnaire

Name: _____________

Address: ________________

Contact number: __________

Email id: __________

1. How satisfied are you using this product?

a) Very satisfied

b) Satisfied

c) Somewhat satisfied

d) Not satisfied at all

2. Do you agree that the procedure of using this product is easy?

a) Strongly agree

b) Agree

c) Somewhat agree

d) Disagree

e) Strongly disagree

3. How would you like to rate this product?

a) Excellent

b) Good

c) Average

d) Bad

e) Terrible

4. Do you agree the instructions given to use the product were useful to you?

a) Yes

b) No

c) To some extent

5. Did this product solve your requirement?

a) Yes

b) No

6. What do you feel is lacking in the product?


7. What do you feel is the best thing about this product?


8. Would you like to use this product again?


9. Would you recommend this product to a friend or relative?


10. Would you like to give any suggestion for changes or improvement?