User questionnaires are used for gathering any data or information related to user satisfaction, queries or issues regarding any product or services. The subject of this particular kind of questionnaire can varied within a wide range depending upon the kind of response that is intended to be collected.

This particular kind of questionnaire is highly accepted for its reliability and flexibility of use. They can be used even for collecting data or performing survey on a large scale. However, while constructing a user questionnaire one have to be careful about certain points as these points increase the effectiveness of the questionnaire more.

Points to emphasize on are as follows:

  • One should use colloquial language while writing this kind of questionnaires as it is particularly meant for different kind of people.
  • Initially a section of introduction could best serve in understanding the purpose of questionnaire effectively by the respondents.
  • Phrasing the suitable question according to the requirement is very essential. This not only helps in gathering information but create scope for doing extensive research.

Last but not the least, irrespective of the topic, the questions framed should always be unambiguous and unbiased so that the true response could be gathered.