The questions in a user questionnaire are a set of structured close and open ended questions which intend to gather the views of the users who use certain products or services referenced in the questionnaire. The questions should be suitable and closely associated with the questionnaire topic, so that correct and relevant information can be gathered.

Sample User Questionnaire Questions:

Name of the participant: ____________________________

Address: __________________________

Gender: _____________________

Age: ___________________

Phone: _____________________

Email: ______________________________

Q1.  How often do you use our product?

  • More than two times a day
  • Once a day
  • Few days in a week
  • One a week
  • Once in fortnight
  • Several times a month
  • Once a month
  • Even less than once a month

Q2. Did this product solve the purpose of purchasing it?

  • Solved completely
  • Solved moderately
  • Solved slightly
  • Not at all solved

Q3. Are you satisfied with the functioning of this product?

  • Completely satisfied
  • Moderately satisfied
  • Slightly satisfied
  • Not at all satisfied

Q4. How useful do you find our product?

  • Completely useful
  • Moderately useful
  • Slightly useful
  • Not at all useful

Q5. Do you feel that our product’s cost is reasonable as compared to other competitors producing the similar products?

  • Completely reasonable
  • Quite reasonable
  • Slightly reasonable
  • Equivalent
  • Slightly high
  • Very high


Q6. Do you find any difficulties while using this product? If yes, Kindly mention the problems that you faced while using this product.


Q7. What according to you are the limitations of this product that need to be improvised to enhance the functionality and usefulness of the product?