A user interface satisfaction questionnaire is a questionnaire that is used by software development companies or IT organizations in order to take the opinion and feed back of the software user regarding a certain software developed by them. This questionnaire is filled by the user before the final and completed software is sent to the client. This questionnaire helps to understand the possible improvements that can be made in the software.

 Sample User interface satisfaction questionnaire

Name of the software: ______________

Name of the user: ______________

Address: Street address ___________ City _________ State _______________ Zip code _______

Phone number: ________________

Mobile number: ________________

E mail id: ____________

Q1. Did you find software attractive and easy to use?

a)   Yes to a great extent

b)   Yes to some extent

c)   No, not at all

Q2. What was your experience of using the software?

a)   Excellent

b)   Very good

c)   Good

d)   Bad

e)   Terrible

Q3.  Did you find the software to be non-flexible?

a)   Yes, it was non-flexible

b)   No, it was very flexible

Q4. Is all the information in the software in an organized manner?

a)   Very organized

b)   Organized

c)   To a certain extent organized

d)   Not organized

Q5.  Did you get enough suggestions from the application software in order to use it?

a)   Yes

b)   No

Q6. Did you get any error message pop up whenever there was an error and did the error messages helped you?

a)    Yes

b)   Sometimes

c)   No

Q7.  How good is the speed of the application?

a)   Very fast

b)   Fast

c)   Slow

Q8. Would you like to give any suggestions?