A usability questionnaire is a set of questions directed to finding out the usability of a newly launched product or services, its convenience and whether the product/service has a future in the market. These questionnaires help the organizations to find out the satisfaction level of the users and to know the ways of improving the same.

Usability Questionnaire Sample

  1. How frequently do you use this website?

A)   Almost daily

B)   Sometimes

C)   Just the once

  1. How user friendly did you find this website?

A)   Anyone can use it

B)   It requires specialized knowledge

C)   It requires basic knowledge

  1. How do you feel using this website?

A)   Too cumbersome

B)   Confusing

C)   Easy to use

  1. Did you find the information you wanted?

A)   Yes

B)   No

C)   Partially

  1. How would you describe the organization of information?

A)   Clear

B)   Confusing

C)   Moderate

  1. Was reading characters on this page

A)   Difficult

B)   Slightly cumbersome

C)   Easy

  1. How would you describe the terminology and website information?

A)   helpful

B)   inconsistent

C)   insufficient

  1. As a new user how would you describe learning to use this website?

A)   Difficult

B)   Easy

C)   Moderate

  1. This website introduced many new features. How would you them?

A)   Easy to explore by trial and error

B)   Initially difficult, need to get the hang of it

C)   Utterly confusing

  1. This website is visually appealing.

A)   Yes

B)   No

  1. Considering my work I find the use of this website

A)   comfortable

B)   sufficiently good

C)   utterly useless

  1. Speed of this website

A)   fast

B)   moderate

C)   slow

  1. Reliability of this website

A)   reliable

B)   let me down

C)   I am satisfied

  1. Would you use this website in the future?

A)   Yes

B)   No