There are different types of questionnaire questions that have significance of their own. The questionnaire varieties depend on the perspective from which they are classified. From the viewpoint of performing research from survey opinions, there can be two broad types of questionnaire questions –

  • Structured questions
  • Unstructured questions

Structured questions are meant to gather specific data for mainly quantitative research, and on certain occasions, qualitative analysis. The structured questions are close-ended in nature, which means the respondents need to give specific answers and not deviate too much from the query. The scope of giving generalized answers to the structured questions is very little.

In case of unstructured questions, the questionnaire has close-ended questions. The replies on this kind of questionnaire are chiefly utilized to construct the frame of a qualitative study with theoretical analysis of a particular situation/event.

From the angle of format, the types of questionnaire questions are mainly of two categories –

  • Dichotomous/dual options while answering
  • Multiple options while answering

The questions having dual answering options have ‘yes’ or  ‘no’ to be selected. The respondent has to take one of the extreme alternatives to decide upon a particular question. This type of question has a drawback as it does not provide a neutral stance for the respondent to take. The questions with multiple options as answers have greater flexibility and the respondents get more space to let know their opinions in a more defined manner. In many case, a single questionnaire has both the varieties of questions just discussed.