A type D personality questionnaire is drafted for assessing the depression level among the individuals. This questionnaire helps the experts to understand the current mental & depression state of an individual and thus also provide them the data to evaluate the cardiovascular disease risks ratio.

Sample Type D personality Questionnaire:

Name: ___________________________

Date of Birth: ____/____/____ Age: __________Sex: _________

Address: ___________________________

Phone Number: _____________________

Q1: How do you behave when you meet a number of people together?

  • I made contact with them very easily
  • I feel happy
  • I hesitate to talk
  • I become restless and get on nerves
  • I feel irritated

Q2: What are the conditions of your bad mood?

  • When I feel lonely
  • No one around to talk to
  • When someone shouts at me
  • I always remains in bad mood

Q3: How do you behave with strangers?

  • I start talking to them easily
  • Maintains distance
  • I would keep myself at distance
  • I start worrying about some unexpected conditions

Q4: What makes you smile or happy?

  • When I get something different to eat
  • When I go for an outing
  • When I meet the person of my choice
  • Colourful views and sceneries
  • Do not know

Q5: Do you take some medicines when you feel very depressed? If yes, mention the name of the drugs:


Q6: Whenever you feel depressed, what do you do to calm down your nerves?

  • Talk to my family
  • Try to sleep
  • Take medicines
  • Try to read & write something
  • Others,_________________