A travel to work questionnaire is a document that is drafted by the organization to be filled up by the staff. The purpose of filling up this questionnaire is to know the reason as well as the requirements of the employees when they are travelling for the work purpose. This questionnaire also helps the employer to make arrangements for the purpose of making travelling of the staff easier and comfortable.

Sample Travel to Work Questionnaire

Name of the staff: _________
Designation:  _________________

Address: Street address ___________ City _________ State _______________ Zip code _______

Phone number: ________________

Mobile number: ________________

E mail id: ____________

Q1. How many days in a week do you have to travel for work?

a)   Five days

b)   Six days

c)   Other (please specify): ______________

Q2. How much distance do you cover while travelling to work?

a)   Less than a mile’

b)   Less than five miles

c)   Less than ten miles

d)   More than ten miles

Q3.  What is the mode of transport in which you feel convenient to travel to work?

a)   Bus

b)    Car

c)   Other (please specify): ________________

Q4. What is the time that you usually take to travel to work?

a)      Between ten minutes to fifteen minutes

b)      Between  fifteen minutes to thirty minutes

c)       Between thirty minutes to an hour

d)      More than an hour

Q5. Do you want the employer to arrange for alternative travelling option for you?

a)   Yes

b)   No

Q6. What kind of traveling option do you want the employer to arrange for in order to travel to work?