Travel survey questionnaire is designed specifically for use among travellers for purposes of identifying areas of service provision where improvement is needed. In addition, the questionnaire can be used to research on areas of development by a specific player in the industry. Airlines especially use this kind of questionnaire to gauge aspects of flight services. They may also use the same for purposes of identifying a problem. In other airlines, such a questionnaire is used to evaluate the perception of the airline by the travellers and their willingness to recommend the service to another person. Still, a travel survey questionnaire can be used to evaluate the quality of in-flight service. Below is a sample:

Name: ______________________________________

Date of Travel: _______________________________

From: _______________________________________

To: _________________________________________

Q1. How do you rate the overall service provided by the in-flight attendants

Very good


Needs improvement

Very poor

Q2. How long was the flight? __________________

Q3. Did the flight take off as scheduled? _____________

Q4. Did you land in good time? ____________________

Q5. Were the drinks served in good time? _________________

Q6. What was the quality of snacks served during the journey? ____________

Q7. Were the air-flight attendants: (tick whichever is applicable)

? Friendly            Respectful?              Courteous?Welcoming

Q8. How available were the attendants to pick your orders or answer your questions?

Very                   Rarely               Took time?available ?available

Q9. Would you travel with this airline again considering the services availed to you?


Q10. Would you recommend the airline to a friend or family member? ____________

Q11. Did our staff display a convincing level of knowledge? _____________

Q12. Did you think you got value for money aboard the flight?

Q13. What recommendations would you make regarding service provision on the airline?