The travel satisfaction questionnaire is to be filled up by the travellers who are fresh from their travel experience. This questionnaire has been modelled such that it helps to form a clear idea about the services of the travel agency. This way, the shortcomings of the agency can be corrected and improved service can be provided in the future.

Sample Travel Satisfaction Questionnaire

Name: ___________________________________________________

Age: _____________________

Please answer the following questions.

1. What was the total duration of the travel?

a. Less than 1 week

b. 1 – 3 weeks

c. More than 3 weeks

2. How many people were there with you for the travel?

a. Less than 10

b. 10 -15

c. More than 15

3. Was breakfast, lunch, and dinner provided on all the days?

a. Yes

b. No. Please provide comments ____________________________

4. The ambience in the hotel was fantastic.

a. Always

b. Sometimes

c. Never

5. The bus that was reserved for sight seeing was of the best class.

a. Agree

b. Neutral

c. Disagree

6. Did all the major places of interest covered during the trip?

a. Almost all

b. Only a few

c. None

7. The time given to see a particular place was-

a. Sufficient

b. Not enough

c. A bit more could have been better

8. Was any illness or minor mishaps addressed properly by our representatives?

a. Always

b. Often

c. Never

9. Have you experienced any issues regarding payment terms?

a. Yes. Please explain ____________________________________________

b. No.

10. Will you refer our travel agency to any of your friends or relatives?

a. Always

b. May be

c. Never