Traveling is one of the most sought after holiday past times for most people.  With the travel and tourism industry becoming highly competitive by the day, travel questionnaires can help you to provide customized travel packages to the satisfaction of your clients.

Travel questionnaires must be designed to make each individual special, by focusing on their particular needs and wants during travel.  It is best to customize travel questionnaires into different groups, like school travel, holiday travel, business travel, adventure travel etc. With a clear purpose, formulating the questions can become that much easier.

While designing the questionnaire, keep the language simple and the tone pleasant, after all, the aim is to provide comfortable travel arrangements. Questions must have multiple choices and in most cases it is best to provide the respondents an option of ‘Others’.  In such cases, space must be provided for them give more explanation.  The clients or prospective ones must have the choice to mark more than one option at a time for any question.  It is best to include more open-ended questions and also include space at the end for additional comments and remarks.