Travel motivation questionnaire is one that obtains information about the various sorts of travel requirements and interests opted by different kinds of people. The main motive behind carrying out such a questionnaire is to know the requirements, interests, and short comings that people face while travelling. This questionnaire generally helps in promoting and improving tourism of a specific place. However, it can also be conducted by a tourism firm or agency with the motive of promoting their services and increasing their sales. A sample of such questionnaire is given below for reference.

Sample Travel Motivation Questionnaire

Name of the tourist : _____________________________________________

Address of the tourist :   __________________________________________

Mobile number of the tourist : _____________________________________

Email id of the tourist : ___________________________________________

Q1) When was the last time you went out for a travel trip?

a) 5 years or so

b) 2-5 years

c) Last year

d) Few months ago

Q2) What was your motive behind the vacation?

a) Break/ Rest etc.

b) Visit and explore new places

c) Family time together

d) Amusement/ have fun

Q3) What is your general preferred location on a vacation?

a) Nearby your resident

b) Next city or Place

c) Selective destination within the country

d) Abroad

Q4) Are you satisfied with the travel services you get on your stay?

a) Always

b) Almost

c) Sometimes

d) Never

Q5) Are you happy with the accommodation you get on your trip all-round the country?

a) Definitely

b) Yes to an extend

c) Sometimes

d) Never

Q6) Mention the types of activities and hobbies you desire to perform during your vacations?


Q7) What kind of sports or entertainment you wish for on your stay, during vacation?


Q8) Give your valuable suggestions that will help in improving the travel experience and will help in serving you better?