Travel feedback questionnaire is one that is obtained by a travel agency from its customers, in order to improve their services with the help of customer ratings. Such questionnaires include various questions about the services provided by the agency including tickets, accommodation, assistance, etc. and the ratings granted by customer help them in detecting the shortcomings and negative points of the business. With the help of such questionnaires, they grab an idea about the deficient area of their services which further help in its improvement and help in increasing the standard and level of the business. The motive behind conducting such questionnaire is the growth of the business.

Sample Travel Feedback Questionnaire

Name: ______________________________________________________

Address: ____________________________________________________

Phone No: ___________________________________________________

Email: ______________________________________________________

Q1) From where did you got to know about us?

a) A government source

b) Internet

c) Advertisement/ hoardings

d) Friend

e) If others, please mention

Q2) What do you think about the rate of the tickets and the coat saving suggestions from our side?

a) Amazing

b) Good

c) Average

d) Poor

Q3) Rate the accommodation and stay provided by us?

a) Outstanding

b) Comfortable

c) Uncomfortable

d) Miserable

Q4) How reliable is our documentation help including tickets visa and passport?

a) Great

b) Satisfactory

c) Pathetic

Q5) Rate the assistance provided by our agents to you regarding the advice about the air ticket bookings, flight assistance, visa support etc.?

a) Marvellous

b) Great

c) Normal

d) Bad

Q6) Rate the travel service arranged by us including the taxi, car etc.?

a) Excellent

b) Very Good

c) Convenient

d) Inconvenient

Q7) Which is the most deficient area of our services according to you? What can we do to improve it?


Q8) Give us your priced suggestion that will help us to improve our services and serve you better?


Q9) Mention our services that impressed you on the trip?


Q10) Would you like to use our services again?

a) Definitely

b) Yes

c) May Be

d) Never