The travel cost method questionnaire is used calculate the value of an attraction or recreational area by asking travelers about the costs they would pay to access it.  The amount of money travelers are willing to part with indicates the value of that particular site.

travel cost method questionnaire will therefore help owners of conservancies, parks and other attractions sites know where to invest more and how to facilitate the movement of visitors to and from the site.

Travel cost method questionnaire also helps travel agencies to price their packages accordingly in relevance to the demand of the site they are taking their clients.

Sample Travel Cost Method Questionnaire

  1. What would you like to see at your chosen destination? ________________________________________
  2. How much would you pay to see an attraction or entry fee? ______________________________________________
  3. What additional services would you like to access when visiting your chosen attraction site? ________________________________________________
  4. Which means of transport do you prefer most to travel to your preferred tour destination?_______________________________________________
  5. How much time would you like to spend on the road/air before you get to your tour destination?_________________________________________
  6. How much time would you like to spend at your chosen tour destination?_________________________________________
  7. How would you like the information by the travel guide packaged. An informal manner or a formal manner?________________________________________________
  8. Approximately how much would you like to spend on a trip with exclusion of flight fare?____________________________________________________
  9. What kind of information would you like to know when visiting destinations for the first time?__________________________________________________
  10. What would you like to see when visiting a new destination, and what are your interests in such places?_______________________________________________________