A travel booking questionnaire helps to know the travelling preferences of an individual. This type of questionnaire consists of questions related to the destination, budget, services required and others so that a proper travelling plan according to the choice of the person can be made.

Sample Travel Booking Questionnaire

Name _______________________________

Address_________________________________ City _____________State______________

Telephone number ______________________Email Id__________________

Occupation ____________________ Organisation _____________________

1. The Travel destination of your choice _________________________________________________________________

2. The expected date of departure as well as the date of return


3. Reason for your travel to the aforementioned destination

a. Holiday

b. Business

c. To attend a family function

d. Other ____________________________________________

4. The kind of accommodation you wish us to book for you

a. Hotel room

b. Bed and breakfast

c. Cottage

d. Rented villa/house/apartment

5. The kind of transportation you wish to use for your arrival t your destination

a. Plane

b. Train

c. Bus

d. Other___________________________________________________

6. The exact number of people who shall accompany you on your trip. Mention the number of children’s separately if any?

a. +1

b. +2

c. +3

d. more than c ____________________________________________(specify)

7. Are any specific supplementary services you would wish to acquire on your trip, for yourself or your accompanying members?


8. The range of money you wish to spend on this trip

a. $1000-2000

b. $2000-5000

c.$5000< ____________________________________(specify)

9. Your main interest in your place of tour

a. The landscape and scenic beauty

b. The locals and their handiwork

c. The sea beaches / The mountain climbing

d. other ____________________________________________