A travel and tourism questionnaire encompasses the various types of travel options available in a particular country and contains data specific to the tourism industry. This data is collected and assimilated by state travel and tourism departments as well as businesses to help them in identifying the various requirements of tourists and the available infrastructure. This type of questionnaire is normally filled by travel agencies.

Travel and Tourism Questionnaire Sample

Name of the Company/Travel agency____________________________________

Address: ______________________________________

City: ________________ State: ___________________  Zip: _________________

Telephone: ____________________  Fax: ____________________________

Email: _________________________ Website: __________________________

Q1. Which of the following countries do you get most tourists from?

a)   Africa

b)   Asia

c)   Asia Pacific

d)   Central and South America

e)   Europe

f)    Middle East

g)   South East Asia

h)   UK

i)     USA

j)    North America

Q2. Which group of customers do you derive maximum sales from?

a)   Government

b)   Overseas Customers

c)   Expatriates

d)   Large organizations

e)   Individuals

f)    Families

Q3. What type of travelers approach you the most?

a)   Adventure seekers

b)   Religious travelers

c)   Wildlife enthusiasts

d)   Backpackers

e)   Family travelers

Business travelers

Medical tourists

Q4. What mode of communication do you use the most for bookings?

a)   Walk in

b)   Telephone

c)   Fax

d)   Email

e)   Online booking

Q5. Which of the following services are most popular among travelers?

a)   Air or rail tickets

b)   Accommodation

c)   Sight seeing

d)   Cruises

e)   Passport and visa application

f)    Car rentals

Q6. Do you offer customized travel itineraries?

a)   Yes

b)   No

Q7. What is the conversion rate of your walk-in and online visitors?

a)   Walk in travelers:        (%)

b)   Online Customers:       (%)

Q8. What percentages of travelers do your handle each year from the following countries?

a)   Africa                                        (%)

b)   Asia                                   (%)

c)   Asia Pacific                         (%)

d)   Central and South America           (%)

e)   Europe                                       (%)

f)    Middle East                         (%)

g)   South East Asia                   (%)

h)   UK                                    (%)

i)     USA                                  (%)

j)    North America                    (%)

Q9. What percentage of travelers is satisfied with your services?




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