A travel agent questionnaire is mainly used by tour booking companies or vacation organising companies to their clients for purposes of identifying the interests of the clients during travel. With the data attained through such a survey, the tour companies are able to customise each tour package towards the needs of the respondent. From the same, travel agents are also able to plan ahead of holidays in order to adequately cater for their clients’ needs. Government departments may also benefit from data obtained from travel agent questionnaires for infrastructure planning and enacting purposes. Below is a sample travel agent questionnaire targeting backpackers

Back packers travel agent questionnaire

Name: _________________________________________________________________

Email: _________________________________________________________________

Country of origin: ________________________________________________________

Expected date of departure: _________________________________________________

Return Date: ____________________________________________________________

Number of friends travelling with you ________________________________________

Q1. How many rooms/ tents do you need to accommodate all people within your group?


Q2. What is the purpose of your trip?




Other          (specify)………………….

Q3. Check what interests you most about your destination

The jungle animals

The terrain and landscape

The culture

The beaches

The sun

Mountain climbing?

Water activities (scuba diving,? canoeing, snorkelling, fishing and kayaking)

Walking safaris?

Q4. What is your preferred jungle or beach location? _______________

Q5. Have you ever used our services before? __________________

If not, how did you?  know of this travel agency?

Through  reference

Through an? advertisement

Other (Specify)?  ___________________

Q6. What is your preferred accommodation in the jungle/ beach?




Rented villas, flats or houses

Q7.  What is the approximate amount of money each group member is expecting to spend during the trip with the exclusion of international airfare? (USD) ______________