travel agency questionnaire is mostly used by travel agencies and tour companies as a guide while designing tours and travel packages for potential clients. The questionnaire helps the companies to know the clients’ interests and what they would like during the trip.

The travel agency questionnaire is therefore a guide that the companies use to make sure that they provide services and products that their clients will love. It also helps them to plan ahead of schedule to be able to better provide those services.

Governments also benefit from  a travel agency questionnaire as they may use them to make infrastructure and create policies favorable for trips.

Sample Travel Agency Questionnaire

  1. Have you ever gone on a trip with a travel agency before?_______________________________________
  2. How often do you employ the services of travel agencies to plan your trip or holiday?_____________________________________________
  3. What criteria do you use to choose a travel agency to plan your trip? Explain why._________________________________________________________
  4. What kind of information would you like to know when visiting cities for the first time?__________________________________________________________
  5. What would you like to see when visiting a new city, and what are your interests in such places?____________________________________________________________
  6. How would you like the information by the travel guide packaged. __________________________________________________________________
  7. How much time would you like to spend away on a trip?________________________________________________________
  8. How much time would you like to spend at each tourist destination you go to?_______________________________________________________________
  9. How much time would you like the travel agency to take to serve you when you visit their office.____________________________________________________________
  10. Approximately how much would you like to spend on a trip? Indicate in weeks.___________________________________________________________