A transformational leadership questionnaire is the best tool to judge the mind of a creative leader in order to implement positive changes to strengthen the management system and to motivate the employee in the right directions.

Sample Transformational leadership questionnaire:

Name of the participant: ________

Age: _________________________

Department: _________________

What do you understand from “Transformational leadership”?

How this type of leadership is important in the management?


Write any two important factors, which play an important role in transformational leadership?


Do you think you are a successful leader?

  • Yes
  • Very sure
  • No
  • Not sure

Do you think motivational speeches and inspiring quotes are enough to help a weak employee?

  • Yes
  • Somewhat, yes
  • Not
  • Not sure

How many times have you attended this kind of questionnaire?

  • This is the first time
  • Once
  • Twice
  • Thrice
  • More than this, please specify: ______________

Do you feel that after having daily meetings with you, the employee union feels empowered?

  • Absolutely Yes
  • Yes
  • No
  • Not sure

Specify the pattern you follow to interact with your employees?


Have you done any recent change in your leadership policies?

  • Yes. Many
  • A few
  • Not at all

How do you rate yourself as a leader?

  • 10. Excellent
  • 9. Very Good
  • 8. Good
  • 7. Fair

Do you think the employee union will re- elect you?

  • Yes. I am sure
  • May be yes
  • No
  • Not sure