training survey questionnaire is a list of questions that have been put down to rate how a training session or experience has been for the people that were receiving the training.

The training survey questionnaire is taken by the trainees explaining their varied opinions on their experiences of the training and whether or not they felt that the training was beneficial.

training survey questionnaire allows trainers to be able to better their training skills and to come up with better more innovative ways of keeping the trainees interested and by so doing they are able to achieve their objectives.

Sample Training Survey Questionnaire

  1. How satisfied can you say you were with the training?


  1. Do you feel that the training has benefited you in any way?
    • Yes
    • No

In which areas would you most wish to receive training in your organization?

    • Sales
    • Marketing
    • Computer programming
    • Customer relations
    • Becoming all that you can be
    • Public speaking
    • Project presentations
    • Leadership skills
    • Team building skills

Do you feel that your manager is well aware of your strengths and weakness?


Rate the quality of training that you received from the training session.

    • Very Beneficial
    • Beneficial
    • Not very Beneficial
    • Unimportant

How would you rate your mentors in terms of how they are impacting your growth and personal development?

    • Very Satisfied
    • Somewhat Satisfied
    • Somewhat Dissatisfied
    • Very Dissatisfied

What do you feel should follow the training process?





Training Survey