Training Satisfaction survey questionnaire is one that evaluates the satisfaction level of the trainees from a training programme. This is an imperative survey form without which improving on a training programme is highly impossible. Training programs are designed to impart the knowledge and skills to the trainees, which can be applied in their working environment. Thus this satisfaction survey aims at understanding the level of utility and effectiveness of these training programs.

This survey can have closed ended, open ended, multiple answer and behavioural questions to get all the information from the trainees. The sample of Training Satisfaction survey questionnaire can help you understand the format for this document:

Sample Training Satisfaction Survey Questionnaire

Name of the trainee_________________________

Duration of the training______________________

Designation of the trainee.________________________________

Department of the trainee.________________________________

Name of the training co-ordinator.__________________________

Email id of the trainee.________________________________

Q1: Please select the department where the utility of this training is the highest?

a. Human Resources

b. Customer Care

c. Marketing and sales

d. Public Relations

Q2: Tell us about the benefits you gained from this training and which all working areas are specifically being profited by this programme?


Q3: Let us know any specific part of the training programme which was of no use for your working environment? ______________________________________________________________________

Q4: What do you think was the role of the trainer throughout the training programme?


Q5: Please provide a rating of the communication and teaching skills of the trainer?

a. Excellent

b. Good

c. Average

d. Poor

Q6: Are you satisfied with this training programme? If not, then what all changes do you want to see in this programme?


Q7: Is there any specific instance in your day-to-day office activity where this training has helped you achieve excellence?


Q8: How do you rate this training in terms of satisfaction?

a) Highly satisfactory

b) Satisfactory

c) Not very satisfactory

d) Not at all satisfactory