A training feedback questionnaire is usually given to people who have just undergone training. This is one of the ways that trainers get to know how well they faired during training. The data gathered from such a survey allows trainers to know the weak areas that need improvement, while upholding the strong areas.  Mainly, trainers gauge the course content, the execution of the training program and the effect on the trainees. From the response, trainers are able to gauge whether trainees’ expectations were met. They also get to know the challenges faced by trainees during the sessions.  They are also able to determine whether additional training is necessary.

Below is an example:

Q1. How did the trainers cover the training material?

?Too quickly


?Too slowly

Q2. The training exercises given were:

?Fair enough

?Too tough

?Too easy

Q3. The amount of training exercises were



?Too many

Q4.  In your estimation, how long should the training exercise take? _______

Q5. Which training activity marked the highlight of the training program for you?


Please explain__________________________

Q6. Did you feel that some of the courses taught to you during the training were not necessary? _____________

If yes, please explain


Q7. What do you think should be done to advance future sessions?


Q8. Did you think the course trainers were good communicators? ___________

Q9. Do you feel that the course has benefited you? ___________

If yes, please expound_______________

Q10. Please rate the following exercise as goodadequate or poor

Training demonstrations_______

Training practical exercises_______

Training resources handouts _______