People who have undergone training are requested to answer the training effectiveness questionnaire. Data collected from their replies will be analyzed and compiled to comprehend the efficiency of the training.

Sample Training Effectiveness Questionnaire

Name: __________________________________________________

Age: ____________________ day / month / year Sex: Male / Female

1. Name of the organization: _______________________________________________

2. Address of the organization: ______________________________________________

3. Training program undergone

a. On job training

b. Team building method

c. Case study method

d. If any other, then please specify ________________________________________

4. After undergoing this training, are you being able to perform your duty in the organization?

a. Yes, very much

b. Almost

c. Somewhat

d. Not at all, its highly ineffective

5. After the training, has your contributions towards achieving the goal of the organization increased?

a. Yes, absolutely

b. I have made significant contribution

c. My contributions have remained the same

d. The training did not teach me anything I did not know already

6. Was the training program well planned?

a. Most certainly

b. The planning was not really up to the mark

c. The training program was rather disorganized

7. Was the duration of the program sufficient?

a. Yes, enough time was provided

b. No, it should have been a little longer

8. Did the training manage to infuse proper knowledge and skills into you?

a. Yes, the training is really a boost for my career

b. Well, it just revised the things I already know

c. The trainers were not competent and did not impart any substantial knowledge