A good questionnaire is the one that is able to dig out all the required information from the person answering the questions. It is important to keep certain things in mind while framing a questionnaire. Here are certain tips that may come handy while drafting questions for various kinds of questionnaires.

  • Understanding the requirement

In order to create a good questionnaire it is essential to first understand the requirement for designing the questionnaire. You must understand as to what needs to be the focus of the questionnaire and then start with the next step.

  • Planning

The next step is to plan the questionnaire’s structure. It is very important to plan the questionnaire before starting the writing process. Writing the questionnaire before doing proper planning results in missing certain important points, it is thus important to do proper planning, if you plan the questionnaire first you would be able to prepare a much better questionnaire covering all the important matter.

  • Study the subject

It is essential to have proper knowledge about the subject for which you are framing questions. You would be able to draft an appropriate questionnaire only if you study the subject properly and have a thorough hold on the subject.

  • Focus on the essentials

It is important to focus mainly on the information you require from the client. Thus it is recommended to prepare questions that are relevant. In order to get the exact answer you may frame multiple choice questions. Multiple choice answers help in understanding the precise choice of the customers.