There are a number of things that a person needs to keep in mind while creating a questionnaire. Few of these are discussed below in detail:

  • Purpose of questionnaire

In order to create a good questionnaire one must first know as to why the questionnaire is being prepared. The purpose behind writing the questionnaire should be clear as it is only when the purpose is known that the person would be able to focus on the main issue. If the purpose is not clear then the person writing the questionnaire might end up with a number of irrelevant questions.

  • Target

It is also essential to know as to who would be answering the questionnaire designed by you as the vocabulary and style of writing depends a lot on this aspect. For instance if the questionnaire is being framed for the general consumers then the vocabulary used should be very simple, in case it is designed for the students then a more refined vocabulary needs to be used and if it is to be answered by some experts/ professionals then a number of technical terms may be used.

  • Be Precise

It is important to get the required feedback or information by way of the questionnaire designed by you. In order to get the precise information, it is recommended to frame multiple choice questions. These questions help in finding a person’s exact choice. One must also ensure that the questionnaire is not too lengthy. Only relevant questions should be included in the questionnaire so that it does not take much time to resolve it.