Tenant Satisfaction survey questionnaire is one which helps in analysing the level of satisfaction of a tenant. This questionnaire is useful for the house owners, owners of guest house and paying guest houses and sometimes government might also conduct these surveys to understand the feedback of the tenants regarding their tenancy. In this survey one can include closed ended, multiple and open ended questions to get more response from the tenants. You can see the below sample of Tenant Satisfaction survey questionnaire, to understand the format of this survey form:

Sample Tenant Satisfaction Survey Questionnaire

Name of the Tenant_____________________

Home address_________________________

Email id of the tenant________________________________

Contact details of the tenant___________________________

Name of the house owner_____________________________

Contact details of the house owner______________________

Q1: How long have you been staying in this house?

a. More than 10 years

b. More than 5 years

c. Less than 2 years

d. Less than 1 year

Q2: Tell us about your experience in this house and are you satisfied with the services provided to you from the owner?


Q3: What all facilities are given by your house owner?


Q4: How do you rate your house in terms of value of money for the rent charged by you?

a) Excellent

b) Good

c) Average

d) Bad

Q5: Are you satisfied by the furnishing and other utility items provided by the house owner in your rented house?

a) Highly satisfactory

b) Satisfactory

c) Not very satisfactory

d) Not at all satisfactory

Q6: Did your owner assisted and guided you about the house and local area when you shifted in this house initially?


Q7: Do you wish to continue staying in this house or are you looking for a new house?


Q8: Do you get the receipt for your rent from the owner? And do you pay your rent in cash or cheque?