A good questionnaire is one which is written carefully and in such a way that it can gather the maximum response and feedback. A questionnaire written with relevant questions which are easy to understand and answer makes for a good questionnaire. Questionnaires are used for many varied purposes and a good questionnaire must do justice to the purpose with which it is framed. To frame a good questionnaire, there are certain things and points that can be kept in mind. The following given 10 tips will help you to design a good questionnaire:

  1. Before starting to design a questionnaire, one must be very clear about the purpose which the questionnaire needs to serve. One must have an understanding of the subject and enough information to go on writing the questions.
  2. A questionnaire becomes good if it has solid content and well research questions in it. Any question which is not technically correct may contribute to the questionnaire becoming weak.
  3. A questionnaire must have enough questions to get a clear response or feedback from the respondents but too many questions can spoil a questionnaire.
  4. A questionnaire becomes good if it has a fitting name so that the respondents can understand its theme or nature.
  5. To frame a good questionnaire, one must try and keep the length of the questions short and not too lengthy because long questions are sometimes confusing and may get boring for the respondents to answer.
  6. Easy vocabulary and sentences must be used while writing the questions of a questionnaire. This is because the respondents must be able to understand the questions.
  7. A questionnaire must ask for the personal information of the respondents as well.
  8. There must be no grammatical mistakes or spelling errors in a questionnaire.
  9. A good questionnaire is one which has more of objective questions.
  10. The choices given in objective questions must also be correct and well researched beforehand.