A questionnaire template refers to the layout in which a format of questions are organised in order to derive significant information from respondents. The template is important because in case of questioning many people, the time and space of answers depend on the template in which the questions have been arranged.

Some questionnaire templates are useful means of setting up specific questionnaires which benefit not only the questioner but also the respondent as it might be catered towards answering if a career is suitable for a student or if he is looking for the right job.

Some templates save space and hence cost of printing while some templates make the question format more organized and simple. However sometimes the template might be more complex and they might make the questionnaire seem confusing to the respondent. Since they are not always standardised therefore respondents might misinterpret the whole template along with the format of questions .If a template makes a questionnaire seem long ,the respondent might deter from answering it completely.

A template forms the main framework to the whole set of questions in a questionnaire and therefore its important to focus on the questionnaire template. One wrong questionnaire template might end up confusing the respondent and consequently the whole purpose of the questionnaire might end in a waste of time and money if the respondent gets confused and does not answer properly.

Moreover, in a questionnaire if a simple template is enough then opting for a complicated template might end in waste of time and money. Therefore the importance of a questionnaire template should never be undermined.