The temperament personality questionnaire is designed to provide people with feedback regarding their personalities. In medical circles, this questionnaire is used for people prone to developing non-melancholic depression in evaluating their chances of developing the same. The questionnaire is also intended for use by anyone who would like to get feedback about their personality types, while learning the association between their types of personality with depression. On completion of the questionnaire, respondents are provided with scores from the survey responses and provided with brief information regarding their personality scale.  The questionnaire mainly targets the behaviors and feelings of an individual towards other people, themselves or specific activities.


Use “Not true”, “Slightly true”, “Moderately true” or “Very true” answers on the following questions.

1.My good qualities outweigh my bad qualities ___________

2.I am the ‘life of the party’ whenever I attend ___________

3.Friends like my company because I am and friendly and cooperative ___________

4.I give my best whether at work or social functions ___________

5.People generally describe me as a good person ___________

6.I have snappy tendencies especially when stressed ___________

7.I easily open up to other people ___________

8.I have a reserved side that many people rarely see___________

9.I get easily upset when things do not go my way, especially after trying so hard___________

  1. Sometimes I am easily irritable and exasperated with my friends or colleagues ___________
  2. I rarely seek advice from other people and try to accomplish my duties without assistance ___________
  3. I usually help, but not when it is costing me my working hours___________
  4. When working with other people, I get impatient with slow learners or people who cannot complete work I give them in good time ___________