A technical training questionnaire is one that is used to assess the technical training needs of employees in an organization. This questionnaire offers scope for understanding the issues that employees face in an organization without sufficient technical knowledge. Apart from this the questionnaire is also very useful to rule out possibilities of training employees on technical areas that they already have good knowledge about.

Sample Technical training questionnaire

Name of the employee ————————————-

Employee id ————————————-

Department ————————————-

Working since ————————————-

Functionality ————————————

1. Do you think you are equipped with technical information to handle your job responsibilities in a proper manner?

a. Yes

b. No

2. Have you been part of any of the training programs conducted by our company in the past? If yes please specify the name of the training program.

a. Yes pl specify name of training program here _________________

b. No

3. If you have answered yes to the above question then please specify the method of training you have attended?

a. Technical manual and material provided by company

b. In house training conducted by company

c. External training conducted by company

d. Practical sessions organized by technical team in the company

4. Do you think our company makes use of good methods of providing technical training to the employees?

a. Yes

b. No

5. Do you think you have benefitted from attending any of the technical training programs conducted by our company?

a. Yes

b. No

6. What are the technical areas that you think employees still need training to perform better on the job?


7. Do you think the allocation of funds by our company to provide technical training to its employees is sufficient?

a. Yes it is sufficient

b. No it needs to be increased

8. What are the challenges faced by employees when technical training is not provided from time to time?