A teacher self evaluation questionnaire helps the teacher in evaluating his/her own performance in school or any other educational institute. By the means of these self evaluation questionnaires, a school/educational institute comes to know about whether or not the teaching methods are upto mark and effective in giving a good quality education to the students.

These questionnaires are issued by many schools in order to rate the performance of their teaching staff and also for the reason to make changes in the educational techniques used in school.

Sample Teacher Self Evaluation Questionnaire:

Teacher’s name: ______________

Name of teacher’s school: ____________________

Teacher’s gender: M____________/F___________

Teacher’s address: _______________

Teacher’s phone number: _________________

Q1.How many students do you teach?

  • Below 30
  • Between 30 to 40
  • Between 40 to 50
  • More than 50

Q2.Which of the following method you use while teaching the students?

  • I use an interactive way of teaching by asking questions in between the lessons and also allowing students to raise any doubts if occurred during the lesson.
  • I make use of class discussions and debates in order make all the students participate in the class.
  • I teach through the means of lectures which are based on prior research done by me on that particular topic.
  • I make use of audio/visual clips prepared on a particular topic using computer.
  • I teach by the means of power point presentations prepared by me on the computer.

Q3. How will you grade the performance of your class?

  • Excellent
  • Good
  • Average
  • Below average

Q4. How will you rate your students on the base of attentiveness?

  • Very attentive
  • Medium attentive
  • Less attentive

Q5. Do you think your student understand the lessons taught by you?

  • Yes
  • No

Q6. What technique do you follow while preparing the lessons which are to be taught by you in the class? Explain briefly.