A teacher job satisfaction questionnaire is one of the best ways to realize the job satisfaction of a person related to the teaching profession. This type of questionnaire is framed to realize the interest and satisfaction level of a person related to this job.

Sample Teacher Job Satisfaction Questionnaire

Name _______________________________________

Address ________________________________________

Contact details _______________________________________    Age _________

Q1. What interest you to come in teaching profession?

  1. I always wanted to do something for our society and I think this is the best profession which can fulfill my wish.
  2. I am passionate about teaching and I always wanted to become a successful and popular teacher.
  3. I have no other option so I have chosen this profession.

Q2.  What is the current salary per annum you are getting?

  1. Less than 2.5 lakh
  2. 2.5 – 3 lakh
  3. More than 3 lakh.

Q3. How long would you like to continue doing this job?

  1. This is the perfect job for me which I will never quit.
  2. May be for the next five to six years.
  3. I am fed up just want to get rid of it soon

Q4.  What is your relation with your other colleagues?

  1. Very good
  2. Its normal nothing special
  3. We are always having tiffs and issues between us

Q5. Do you get ample exposures from this job?

  1. Yes, I get enough opportunities for exploiting my best teaching skills
  2. Its very rare
  3. No there is no such exposures at all.

Q6. Are you satisfied with your job profile?

  1. Yes completely
  2. No, not at all
  3. To great extent
  4. Something is still missing