A teacher aide plays an important role in assisting a teacher and also performs duties like managing a class of students, setting question papers and also sometimes checking answer sheets in order to give grades.

A teacher side interview questionnaire helps to assess and interview candidate and understand whether he is suitable for the job. The questionnaire helps the employer to know the qualifications, skill sets and experience of the candidate applying for the position.

Sample Teacher Aide Interview Questionnaire

Name: __________________

Address: ____________________________

Telephone number: ________________

Mobile number: ___________

E mail id: ____________

Date of birth: _____________

1. What made you choose the career of a teacher aide?


2. Do you have any educational qualification in the field of education or a teacher’s training? If yes, specify the educational qualification.


3. Give details of your career history as a teacher aide?


4. Why do you choose to work in our educational institute?

a) Good place to work

b) Chances of professional growth

c) Others (please specify): ____________________

5. What are your strengths that you feel will help in being a successful teacher aide?


6. According to you what are your weaknesses?


7. How patient are you while handling students?

a) Very patient

b) Patient

c) Somewhat patient

d) Not patient at all

8. What is the maximum strength of students in a class that you would be able to handle in the absence of a teacher?

a) Less than fifty

b) More than fifty

9. How would you tackle a disobedient student?


10. What according to you is the role of a teacher aide in maintaining order in a classroom?


11. How do you plan to carry out instructional goals given by the teacher?

12. If selected, when can you join us?