A tax return preparation questionnaire is one that is filled in by an individual who files return for income tax. The main idea of the questionnaire is to help the person for the preparation of the tax return. Also the questionnaire helps to keep the tax assessee informed about the various sources of income that one needs to file in the department without missing out on any vital information.

Sample Tax return preparation questionnaire

Name of the tax returns assessee —————————————————–

Mailing address of the assessee ——————————————————

Email address of the assessee ——————————————————

Contact number of the assessee ——————————————————

Tax assessment identity number —————————————————–

1. What are the various sources of income that you have from the following ones?

a. Income from employment

b. Interest on savings

c. Speculation and gambling income

d. Income from immovable property

2. What is your present status for filing the tax returns?

a. Individual

b. Dependant of another tax payer

c. Business entity

3. Did you incur any of the expenses specified in the following categories in the previous financial year?

a. Medical expenses including hospitalization

b. Premium of life or health insurance

c. Health related travel both domestic and abroad

d. Medical expenses for dependents supported by prescription

4. Do you pay taxes for any of the following categories to the state department?

a. Primary home tax

b. Secondary home tax

c. Vehicle tax

d. Investment property tax

5. Did you undertake any of the following things in the previous financial year?

a. Buy a new home on mortgage

b. Take a new credit card

c. Sell an immovable property

d. Refinance an existing loan

6. Have you made contribution to any of the charitable institutions that are recognized by the state tax department?

a. Yes pl specify the contribution made including the name of the charitable organization ______________

b. No