A tax questionnaire template is a ready to use document, which is being filled by the taxpayer by providing various details. Such a questionnaire is used and saved by the concerned appointed tax payer agent for the future reference.

Sample Tax Questionnaire Template:

Name of the tax payer:    ___________________

Date of birth: ___/____/_____

Sex: ____________________

Age: ___________________

Home address: ___________________

Contact number: ________________________

SSN number: ___________________________ [the taxpayer needs to fill all basic details as required]

Q1. Please provide us your professional details:

  • Occupation: _________________________
  • Total annum income: _________________
  • Income tax file no: ___________________ [the taxpayer will write the essential official income tax filing details]

Q2. You want to file the income tax return via:

  • A charted accountant
  • A tax agent
  • Online procedure [the taxpayer has to use a relevant method of filing tax]

Q3. Kindly give the details of property you own:

  • House
  • Rental Building
  • Plots and piece of land
  • Others: please mention: ______________________ [the taxpayer will announce his property counted for deciding the total tax amount]

Q4. Please mention the percentage slab of tax applicable on your gross monthly income:

________% [here, the taxpayer will enter the percentage of tax on the total property]

Q5. Mention the dependent details:

  • Name: _________________
  • Age: __________________
  • SSN no: ______________ [the individual will mention the dependent details necessary for estimating a tax amount]

Q6. Provide us your bank account details

_________________________ [this account will be associated with the tax procedure]

Q7. Are you sure the above mentioned information about your tax details is accurate?

____________________ [here, the individual has to make a declaration for proving the information genuine]