A tax questionnaire is prepared by governmental tax authorities which help to gather information regarding the taxpaying trends amongst tax payers. The tax questionnaire questions are direct and inquire mainly about the total earnings and spending of the tax payer. A tax questionnaire is an extremely important document and hence should be framed carefully. The questions framed should be precise and cover all the aspects of taxpaying.

Tax Questionnaire Questions Sample:

Name of Taxpayer: ________________________________

Permanent Address: ______________________________________

City: ________________ State: ___________________ Zip: _________________

Social Security Number of the taxpayer: _________________________________

Telephone Number: ____________________

Age: ________________________ Occupation: _____________________________

Filling Status:  ________________________ (Married/Single/widow/head of the house)

Q1: What is your total Income?


Q2: Do you have personal properties and estates? If yes, what is the total tax payable amount on them?


Q3: What were your expenses on the following?

  • Medical bills
  • Electrical bills
  • phone bills
  • House rent
  • Automobile
  • Travelling expense
  • Others(please specify)

Q4: Except from your current job/ businesses, did you have any other income during this year?


Q5: Under which category of tax payment do you fall?


Q6: Are there any dependents presently in your family? If yes, how many dependents are presently residing with you?


Q7: How do you prefer filing your income tax returns?

  • Via an agent
  • Via a chartered accountant
  • Through online procedure

Q8: Kindly furnish the following details:

  • Occupation of the taxpayer: _________________________________
  • Total annual Income_______________________________________
  • Income Tax File number: ___________________________________