Tax questionnaires are formulated to gain a response from taxpayers of a particular state/city regarding their income as well as expenditure. This is an effective method used by authorities in order to determine the amount of income to be deducted for tax. A tax questionnaire is also beneficial for tax payers as it helps to clear many doubts as well as gives a chance to put up their suggestions. The answer patterns provide a comprehensive data to authorities. The tax questionnaire format lays down the pattern of the questionnaire that is to be asked.

Sample Tax Questionnaire Format

Name _____________________ (Name of the taxpayer)

Full Address ________________________________ (Permanent address of the taxpayer)

Date of Birth ________________


Social Security Number_________________________

First Question: (The first question may inquire the amount of tax paid by the taxpayer in the previous year. This helps to delve into the socio-economic structure of the taxpayer)

Second Question: (The second question may inquire about the properties and estates owned by the taxpayer. This again helps to know the earnings and investments of the taxpayer)

Third question: (The third question may ask the taxpayer regarding the tax-slab that he/she falls according to the monthly income of the taxpayer. This is a direct question which the taxpayer must answer honestly and appropriately)

Fourth Question: (Here the dependent details must be furnished.  This is extremely useful in order to determine the tax that is to be levied on the individual.)

Fifth Question: (The fifth question may inquire about the bank details of the taxpayer in order to verify data provided by the taxpayer)