A tax preparer questionnaire is prepared by the appointed tax agents, tax departments and charted accountants by estimating the total valuable assets and income. By filing such a form, one can declare the available assets and other income details. It is necessary to fill this questionnaire to provide an overview of the taxpayer income profile.

Sample Tax Preparer Questionnaire:

Name of the taxpayer: __________________

Date of birth: ___/____/____

Sex: ___________ Age: _____________

Address: _________________________

Marital status: ___________________

Name of the spouse: ______________

Date of birth: ___/____/___

Age: __________________________

Address: _____________________

Q1. Fill the official details:

  • SSN number of the taxpayer: _____________
  • Occupation: __________________________
  • SSN number of the spouse: ______________
  • Occupation: _________________________

Q2. Are you filing the tax return as a couple jointly?

  • Yes
  • No

Q3. Are you active partially or fully in any sort of government duty?

  • Yes
  • No

Q4. How would you like to file the tax?

  • Yourself
  • Through online
  • Through Agent or CA

Q6. Please choose the disbursement option:

  • Direct deposit on tax return
  • Debit card on tax return
  • Check mailed to the above address
  • Others: _____________________

Q7. Provide the details of the movable and immovable property:


  • Address of the property: ____________________


Q8. Mention the details of your assets?


Q9. Kindly mention your overall per annum income:

$ ____________-

Q10. Tell us your other sources of income:

  • Rental property
  • A personal residence lease
  • Business farm
  • Employment
  • Stocks, shares, funds and binds, etc.

Q11. Please specify the detail of dependents:

  • Name: __________________, ________________, ______________
  • Age: _____,________,____________
  • SSN no: ________________, ________________, ______________
  • Relationship: _____________, ____________, _________________