A tax due diligence questionnaire is one of the most important formalities, which should be done accurately before filing the tax. This can be prepared or filled by the charted accountant, tax agent and a banker before declaring and filing for the final tax return. This questionnaire ensures that the tax return procedure is filled successfully and nothing has been left & declared wrong.

Sample Tax Due Diligence Questionnaire:

Taxpayer details:

Name: __________________

Date of birth: _______/ ________/ _________

Registered Address: ______________________________

Age: ____________

Sex: ___________

Social security number: ___________

Tax id: _________________________

Tax file no: _____________________

Marital status: __________________

Spouse SSN no: _________________

Q1. Did you claim the tax return last year?

  • Yes
  • No

Q2. Mention your per annum income eligible for the tax:

$ ___________

Q3. Tell us about your occupation:

  • Employee
  • Self employed
  • Business man
  • Others: _________________

Q4. What slab percentage is applicable on your property?

  • 10%
  • 10%-15%
  • 15%-25%
  • Others: _________________________

Q5. Please fill the detail of your dependents:


Q6. Provide your bank account number associated with this tax return procedure?


Q7. Have you enclosed the list of your available current properties?

  • Yes
  • No not sure

Q8. What other sources of income do you have?

  • Personal properties
  • Moveable & non- moveable assets
  • Business income
  • Hire & rental incomes
  • Pension plans and stocks, funds & bonds
  • Others: __________________

Q9. Kindly enclose all your income proofs?


Q10. Please provide us the details of your nominee:


Q11. Are you aware about the tax penalties in case you provide any wrong details?

  • Yes
  • No