A tax credit property questionnaire contains information pertaining to housing tax credits and federal tax incentives. A tax credit property questionnaire has to be filled up by homeowners or homebuyers and this information can be used by government tax institutions as well.

Sample Tax Credit Property Questionnaire:

Name of the homeowner/homebuyer: __________________________________

Address: ____________________________________________________

Work Phone: ____________________  Email id:______________________

Social Security Number (Individual): ________________________

Q1. How many properties do you own?

a)   Single

b)   Multiple

c)   If Multiple, specify the number:___________

Q2. Which of the following type of property is owned by you?

a)   Townhouse

b)   High-rise

c)   Mid-rise

d)   Single-Family

e)   Multi-Family

f)    Condominiums

g)   Co-op

h)   Patio Home

i)     Apartment

Q3. What is the total number of units available for rental on your property?

a)   1 unit

b)   1-5 units

c)   5-10 units

d)   More than 10 units

Q4. How many vacant units are there on your property currently?

a)   1 unit

b)   1-5 units

c)   More than 5 unit

d)   All are vacant

e)   No vacancy

Q5. If you are renting out then you charge maintenance or rental for which of the following and how much?

a)   Heating ($  )

b)   Air-conditioning ($  )

c)   Gas ($  )

d)   Electricity ($  )

e)   Carpets and drapes ($  )

f)    Washer/Dryer ($  )

g)   Swimming Pool Maintenance($  )

h)   Internet/Wi-fi ($  )

i)     Common Room/Library ($ )

j)    Sports Ground ($ )

k)   Parking ($ )

l)     Security ($ )

Q6. Which of the following does each of your units have?

a)   Single bedroom

b)   Multiple bedrooms

c)   Single bath

d)   Multiple baths

e)   Balcony/Porch

f)    Living room

g)   Kitchen

h)   Children room

i)     TV room

Q7. Are you providing any type of rental assistance or tenant subsidy? If yes then please specify the same.

a)   Yes

b)   No

c)   Rental Assistance: _______________

d)   Tenant Subsidy:_________________



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